Minor Requirements

To earn a minor in Psychology, students must complete 42 credit hours, including courses listed below and to be graded no lower than “B-” any each course. At least 60% of the courses must be selected from upper level courses (second- and third-level courses).

Required Courses -18 credits:

Intro to Psychology – 6 credits

History and Methodology in Psychology – 6 credits

Anatomy and Physiology of Central Nervous System and Complex Nervous Activity – 6 credits


Elective courses -12 credits:

Psychophysiology and Cognitive Psychology  – 6 credits

Psychological Tests – 6 credits

Developmental Psychology – 6 credits

Social Psychology – 6 credits

Psychology of Personality – 6 credits

Abnormal Psychology – 6 credits

Industrial and Organizational Psychology – 6 credits


Courses in Psychology (300 or 400 levels) – 12 credits.

For graduation with Minor in Psychology all the grades for these courses should be B- and higher.


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