Scholarships and Financial Aid

For   academic  year  2017-2018,   the  full  tuition  is  2500  USD   per  semester.  The  program  provides a limited number of scholarships to students who require financial support in order to study at the program. This application will help to determine the level of your financial need. The University retains the right to review and examine the accuracy of information provided by official documentation, contacting the student’s residence and student’s or parents’ employer*.

Giving false information may result in the LOSS OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

AUCA has a deep commitment to academic performance and personal ethics and AUCA reserves the right to refuse financial assistance to the student who does not meet academic expectations or adhere to the behavioral expectations articulated in the Student Handbook.

Deadline for submission is August 29, 2017 (Room 310, AUCA New Campus)


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