Major Requirements

In order to graduate from AUCA a student must earn a minimum of 120 credits. The classes consist of required classes (42 credits), electives (42 credits), the internship (24 credits) and the Master Project/Thesis (12).

Required classes range from theoretical and research disciplines, such as:

  • Contemporary Theories of Mass Communications
  • Mass Media Research Methods

To the managerial and executive disciplines, such as:

  • Media Law & Ethics
  • Media Management

To practical and technological disciplines, such as:

  • International Journalism
  • Data Journalism.

Here is a checklist for the students applying in 2020:


As a graduate work, master students of International Journalism & Mass Communications have the option of conducting either a research thesis paper (“Master thesis”) or a professional project (“Master project”) in their second year. Master thesis and Master project are quite different from each other.

  • Master Thesis is academic: scientific research into a problem related to journalism, mass communications or media technologies. The research must include a literature review, articulate a hypotheses, and be a result of a systematic social surveying, analysis and/or experimentation.
  • Master Project is practical: an audiovisual/multimedia/data project, such as a documentary, multimedia feature or radio podcast about a topic, place or person that can be considered important for contemporary society.

Please refer to the following documents for guidelines and instructions:

Master Thesis manual

Masters Project manual

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