General description and purpose of the internship

Internship experience at the AUCA Master of Arts in Applied Psychology is defined as a part-time or full-time supervised unpaid or paid work in a counseling agency or center, hospital, rehabilitation center, crisis center, HR department, school, research center, special education or disabilities services agency or any other setting which provides psychological services, consultation to general public or specific populations, is involved into human resources management or is involved in applied research in the fields of psychology, social work or related helping profession.

The purpose of the Internship is to help the master-level students of psychology to obtain practical field experience in line with the student’s interest and in accordance with the goals of the program. Through internship practice, students are expected to learn to apply academic knowledge obtained in the classroom. The internship component of the Master of Arts in Applied Psychology program is designed with the purpose of providing students with enough hours of individual practice under professional supervision, to allow students to practice independently upon graduation. The internship sites and format of internships are selected in accordance with the mental health care market demands in Kyrgyzstan and in accordance with local and international demands for professional competences for master-level students.

All internships, regardless of the student’s track and interests, should entail face-to-face work with clients/patients/company employees/research participants. Students are expected to find their internship site on their own with a consultation with the Internal Supervisor and start their internship in the second year of their study. Students are recommended to choose different sites for Internship I and for Internship II. Students are encouraged to consult with faculty about their options regarding Internship. Students are also encouraged to consult the Internship Database available at the program website.


Our partner organizations:

Students of MAPAP work as interns in a number of organizations in Bishkek, where they get experience working with individual adult and adolescent clients, leading groups, conducting assessments and more. Some organizations what you can get experience at are:

Red Crescent Society

SOS Children‘s villages

Social Charity Fund Babushka Adoption


Association of Crisis Centers for Women

National Center for Mental Health

Center for Children-Survivors of Violence

Institute for Behavioral Health AUCA


Link to Internship Handbook here




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