Coursework: 72 credits

Internship: 12 credits

MA Thesis: 30 credits (research and writing)

Total number of credits required for graduation: 120 credits


ANTH/PSY/SOC/CAS 517: Foundations of knowledge and graduate thinking

PSY 601: Behavioral statistics

PSY 503: Contemporary theories of personality

PY 502: Biological bases of behavior and mental disorders

PSY 600: Research team

PSY 615: Contemporary theories of counseling I

PSY 611: Assessment in psychology

PSY 603: Research methods in applied psychology

PSY 625: Abnormal psychology

PSY 511: Research and writing colloquium part I

PSY 512: Research and writing colloquium part II

MAPAP/MAANTH/MASOC/MACAS 670: Research and writing colloquium part III

PSY 610: Internship colloquium I

PSY 612: Internship colloquium II


Transfer Credits and Course Substitutions:

Off-campus and transfer credits from accredited institutions will be evaluated by the program coordinator for appropriateness to the student’s course of study.



Psychological Counseling: This program will provide students with knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to work as professional counselors in a wide variety of settings with diverse populations. The program is based on coherent theoretical frameworks, helps to get essential applied knowledge of assessment procedures, counseling skills and keen awareness of ethical principles in counseling. The following electives are offered within the counseling psychology concentration:

MAPAP 645: Contemporary theories of counseling II

PSY 627: Cultural diversity in counseling

MAPAP 625: Group psychotherapy

PSY 613: Child psychopathology

PSY 606: Family therapy

PSY 617: Projective methods in personality assessment

PSY 628: Substance use, addiction and counseling

PSY 615: Child and adolescent counseling

Organizational and Career Psychology: This program prepares its graduates to pursue a career in organization psychology or career counseling. Program offers internship in career assessment and guidance, students will have a chance to work with individual and lead career guidance groups on campus. The following electives are offered within the organizational psychology and career guidance concentration:

MAPAP 645: Contemporary theories of counseling II

PSY 604: Organizational behavior

PSY 635: Career assessment and counseling


Research in Psychology: This is a program which emphasizes research skills and intense practice of applied research with faculty and individually. Students will have opportunities to work with research teams on on-going grant research projects and develop their dissertation research under qualified supervision of faculty and peers. The following electives are offered within the research in psychology concentration:

ANTH/PSY/SOC 530: Qualitative methods in psychology

PSY 600: Research team (3 semesters required)



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