Master in Applied Psychology

What is MA in Applied Psychology?

Master of Arts degree in Applied  Psychology at the American University of Central Asia offers an opportunity to receive professional knowledge and skills in the most relevant fields of psychology. The Program is open to students with diverse backgrounds who wish to develop or improve their academic and work qualifications in psychology. The Program’s curriculum focuses on the science-based training of applied professional work as well as engages in discussions of contemporary issues in research, theory and practice in the field. Interdisciplinary coursework provides a nuanced coverage of relevant topics in the field and prepares graduates for a variety of professional job and academia.

Three separate tracks are available from our MA Program:

  1. Psychological Counseling: This program will provide  students with knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to work as professional counselors in a wide variety of settings. The program is based on coherent theoretical frameworks, generates a working knowledge of assessment procedures, develops professional skills and ensures a keen awareness of ethical principles and issues among its students.
  2. Industrial/Organizational Psychology: This program prepares its graduates to apply current research and principles of human behavior to a variety of organizational settings in business and industry, including human resources departments, and management consulting firms.
  3. General Psychology: This is a flexible program for students who wish to explore more than one areas of psychology. It also suits students who wish to shape a more individualized coursework to fit special interests and needs.

All programs also prepare students for admission to doctoral programs in related fields.

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