Transfer policy

Transferring within AUCA

Academically qualified students may transfer between programs within AUCA not later than in the second year of study.

The number of students transferring is not limited. The transfer student is responsible for completing all the requirements of the Sociology Program’s curriculum. All transfers must be approved by the Chair of both the origin and destination programs, including requests to transfer back to an original program. Specific requirements should be discussed in advance with the Chair of the program. A transfer student must complete an application form signed by Chairs of both programs involved in the transfer. The incoming transfer student must meet the entrance examination requirements for the Sociology Program: essay – 70, mathematics – 20, ELPT – 470 and should include an interview by the Chair of the Sociology Program. Results from entrance exams from the previous program may be sufficient if exams are comparable between the programs. Entrance requirements waivers must be approved by the Sociology Program Chair and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Transfer qualifications for the year are determined by the Sociology Program Chair based on the student’s transcript.

The maximum number of incoming credits that may be transferred to Sociology Program major program at AUCA is 24 for every semester of studies, and only courses that match the degree offerings at AUCA will be considered for transfer. Only courses with a grade of “C” or higher will be accepted for transfer

All transfer procedures within AUCA should be completed by the end of the second week of the semester. A student who transfers while on academic probation will remain on probation for the time set by the probation order.


Transferring into the Sociology Program from outside AUCA

A student who wishes to transfer to the Sociology Program of AUCA from another academic institution must submit an AUCA application, a complete transcript of academic performance at the other institution/-s, and faculty letter of recommendation from another academic institution. English is the primary language of study in the Sociology Program. The maximum number of transferred credits that may be applied to Sociology Program major program at AUCA is 24, and only courses which match the degree offerings at AUCA will be considered for transfer. Only courses with a grade of “C” or higher (in the letter-grade system) or 3 or higher (in the former Soviet numerical system) will be accepted for transfer. Grades for courses not taken at AUCA or taken at AUCA as a part-time, visiting, or exchange student will not apply to the student’s GPA at AUCA.

Prospective transfer students should consult the General Academic Regulations section of the AUCA academic catalog and/or contact the AUCA Admissions Office for more information. The Registrar’s Office makes all decisions about which courses and how many credits may be transferred into AUCA.

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