Lauren McConnell

Coordinator of Television, Cinema and Media Arts, teaches Scriptwriting.

e-mail: mcconnell_l@auca.kg


Nurzhamal Karamoldoeva

Assistant professor, teaches Film analysis and criticism, Film production management. e-mail: karamoldoeva_n@auca.kg


Daniar Abdykerimov

Instructor, teaches Stop motion animation, Making TV Commercials, Graphic Design for TV and film, Explore animation: Visual storytelling, Creating TV  Series. e-mail: abdykerimov_d@auca.kg


Adilet Karzhoev

Instructor, teaches – Senior project I, Senior project II, co-teaches Intro to TV and cinema techniques and Fundamentals of TV journalism.

e-mail: karzhoev_a@auca.kg


Tomiris Orozoeva

Assistant professor, teaches Photography and creativity, documentary film making, Internship I and II. e-mail: tomiris.orozoeva@gmail.com


Asel Zhuraeva

Instructor teaches Filmmaking, Performance. e-mail: asaiyu@mail.ru



Emil Atageldiev

Assistant professor, teaches Intro to Music in film,TV and radio.

e-mail: atankuzyu76@gmail.com


Marat Sarulu

Associate Professor, teaches Art through the ages.

e-mail: ratma.luusar@gmail.com


Bekbolot Aidaraliev

Associate professor, teaches Cinematography, Film and TV directing skills.

e-mail: rb.bekbolot@gmail.com


Askar Arslan

Instructor, teaches Fundamentals of TV journalism, Intro to TV and cinema techniques.

e-mail:  askararslan@gmail.com



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