Only a few universities in Kyrgyzstan can boast of having a television studio fully-equipped with modern video production equipment. At AUCA you have the exciting opportunity to get behind the camera and gain practical experience in contemporary mass media production as you film your own news, commercials, and feature programs.  You can learn a broad array of skills, from commentary and video production, script-editing and on-screen performance to TV station management.

AUCA TV was launched in 2007 in order to create an information platform on AUCA’s campus to provide detailed information about events, news and activities at the university. This helps the university community and beyond to be better informed and aware of changes to AUCA policies and procedures.

AUCA TV provides the means to inform, express and bring opinions, comments to students, faculty, staff, visitors and scholars. It has a crew of brilliant students of different majors, supervised by the head of Public Relations Department of AUCA Dinara Orozbaeva. These students make weekly news, programs and video stories about AUCA students, faculty, alumni, and all the events organized at the university.

Click here to visit AUCA TV’s YouTube channel.

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