Anthropology Minor provides a range of courses that will allow students to receive certain anthropological knowledge and skills, and promote their comprehensive understanding of human society and various cultures around the world from the comparative perspective. It will be particularly useful for students whose interests and careers involve international, intercultural and interethnic relations, as a deep insight into human diversity can be crucial for effective intercultural and international cooperation and communication.

In order to apply for Anthropology Minor, a student must present GPA of 2.7 in his major. A student may declare Anthropology Minor after the first year of study. The minimum of 42 credits are required to complete the minor. All courses should have passing grades to be accepted. No written and oral exams as well as writing senior theses are required to receive the minor.


One 100 level course from the following:

  • Cultural Concepts and Social
  • Networks Intro to Archaeology
  • Intro to Physical Anthropology


Six 200-400 level course from the following:

  • Archaeology of Central Asia
  • Language, Culture and Power
  • History of Anthropological Theories I-II
  • Gender, Kinship and Family
  • Ethnicity and Identity in Multicultural Societies Religion and Spirituality as Cultural Categories Production and Exchange in Social Life


Total: 42credits


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