Central Asian Anthropological Conference

International Scientific Workshop “Rethinking of the 1916 Uprising in Central Asia”

General Information

Central Asian Anthropology Conference (CAAC) is an annual conference organized by the Anthropology Department of American University of Central Asia held during spring semester. CAAC offers a unique platform for young and experienced researchers to share their opinions on current anthropological events going on across the region and beyond. This also enables students of all departments to challenge their research skills and have first publication in the conference Collected Articles.

After the Conference completion participants are given Certificates of participation and individual hard copy of the CAAC Collected Articles.

Goals of the conference

– Development and promotion of Anthropology as science in the region,

– Distribution of the outcomes among the local and international academic community,

– Publication of the conference papers

Eligibility criteria

There are no eligibility criteria, however, we appreciate scholars and students to have certain university affiliation. Articles might be based on anthropological materials collected from different parts of the world.

Working languages of the conference are Kyrgyz, Russian and English.

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How to take part in CAAC?

During early December-January of every year there will appear Call for Papers Letter, which is usually distributed among the universities of Bishkek city. The electronic copy will be also available at this webpage. Every participant will be required to send 200-250 abstract of the expected paper for the approval of the Organizing Committee.

In mid spring participant will be notified about acceptance/decline of the work and expectation to see him/her on the Conference.

Call for Papers Letter usually consists of the following information:


  • Major panels (thematic branches of the conference)
  • Time and venue of the conference
  • Requirements for the abstract and for the full version after approval



Usually CAAC is divided into three parts*:

Plenary Meeting Official introductory part with foreword of Organizing Committee and invited guest-speakers (approximately 2 hours)
Parallel Sessions (1 part) Oral presentations of participants (approximately 4-5 hours)
Parallel Sessions (2 part)

*Timing will depend on quantity of participants and number of sections.

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee is represented by professors/instructors and sophomore students of Anthropology Department, AUCA. Each of the professor/instructor also gets a chance to become a moderator in his/her Parallel Session.


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