Why Anthropology?

Anthropology is one of the broadest disciplines. It studies the human being in his various aspects such as cultural, linguistic, social, religious, political, economic. Anthropology allows looking at the society not from the position of a researcher butfrom the position of a member of that society. Therefore, the main method of anthropology is participant observation, or the study of the community in the natural setting. That is why, anthropologists have to travel a lot and are fluent in foreign languages. At the same time, anthropology is not limited to the study of traditional societies. It studies the issues and problems of modern societies too such as migration, urbanization, ethnic conflicts, poverty, religious extremism.

What is taught?

Anthropology Programprovides a comprehensive training in anthropology, including ethnographic and archaeological fieldworks, annual student and scientific anthropological conferences, anthropology club meetings, research projects as well as an opportunity to study in foreign universities-partners of the program. Anthropology Program offers a number of courses on theories and methods of anthropology, language and ethnicity, history and religion, kinship and family, economy and politics, migration and globalization, cultures of different communities.

What are the learning outcomes?

Upon successful completion of study you will master both general and specific skills. You will be able to communicate effectively in English, think critically, argue and analyze, master anthropological theories and methods, be aware of the diversity of cultures and societies in Central Asia and around the world, apply the knowledge received in the professional career.

Where do graduates work?

The graduates of Anthropology Program work in various spheres: teaching, research, education, international organizations, state structures, tourism, management, marketing, social work, design and many others.


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