An AUCA education is in two parts: a wide General Education across all programs to give students a breadth of knowledge, and a specific major program that gives students depth of knowledge and culminates in senior thesis.

Master Programs

Division of Social Sciences offers two-year programs. Visit our Admissions page on how to apply to AUCA. The deadline of admission is July 30, 2018.


1st Cohort:

Exam registration deadline 20.02.2018
Admissions exam 25.02.2018
Exam registration deadline 27.03.2018
Admissions exam 01.04.2018
Applications deadline 20.04.2018

2nd Cohort:

Exam registration deadline 15.05.2018
Admissions exam 20.05.2018
Exam registration deadline 05.06.2018
Admissions exam 10.06.2018
Application deadline 22.06.2018

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